Invoicing software is an alternative to postal mail

I have heard a lot of stories about lost parcels and letters, but it had no sense until post office lost my invoices. I have sent invoices to several customers on Monday. I was sure that they received invoices. 2 weeks later one upright client called me and asked about invoice. Hm….I was wondering why he hadn’t received invoice. It immediately became obvious that mail service has some serious problems. Of course they don’t think that it is a problem when someone’s letter is lost. By the way it was not the only problems I had with postal mail. I didn’t have enough patience for that, so I switched to invoicing software.

What mysterious invoicing software? Not mysterious anymore. It is widely used software for creating and sending invoices. I was unfamiliar to it before. But all up-to-date business owners use it. I have bought a subscription for online invoicing software and started to create invoices there. I must say that making invoices with invoice manager is very easy. Probably because of invoice templates, which are given. I also started to send invoices by email instead of postal mail. To my mind, it is faster and more reliable. My invoicing software has option to send invoice to the customer’s email right after creating. I don’t have to create invoices into invoicing program and then open my email and send out invoice, because I can do all tasks in one program.

I didn’t think about costs when I was buying invoicing software, but the result surprised me. My costs for invoicing became smaller. And it is logical, because I don’t have to pay for postal mail, paper and printing anymore. I have proved that invoicing software is more advantageous than manual invoicing. I wish everyone to try some invoicing program and feel pleased about working with it.

26 okt 2012